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International Forum on Shipping, Ports and Airports (IFSPA) 2010 Conference Proceedings - Sample Papers

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A Robust Approach for the Airport Gate Assignment

Liang Xu, Fan Wang, Zhou Xu

Logistics Aspects of Avian Influenza Pandemic in Hong Kong

Owen Tang, Yui Yip Lau

Carrier's Liability in Multimodal Carriage Contracts in China and its Comparison with US and EU Ling Zhu, M. Deniz Guner-Ozbek, Hong Yan
Accounting Issues on Emissions Trading Owen Tang, Brenton Fiedler
Comparison of Two Outsourcing Structures under Push, Pull and Two-Wholesale-Price Contracts Pengfei Guo, Baozhuang Niu, Yulan Wang
An Empirical Analysis for Container Ship Investment Meifeng Luo, Lixian Fan
Ship Financing Practices in Hong Kong: What Changes Has the Financial Tsunami Wrought? Yvonne Yiyi Zeng, Stephen Gong, Heng-Qing Ye
The Impacts of Ownership Structure and Competition on Port Capacity Investments and Pricing: An Economic Analysis Yibin Xiao, Adolf K.Y. Ng, Xiaowen Fu
Scale Diseconomies and Efficiencies of Liner Shipping Tsz Leung Yip, Y.H. Venus Lun, Yui Yip Lau
Environmental Accounting – Disclosures of Environmental Liability and the Shipping Sector Owen Tang, Brenton Fiedler
Inspection Policy of a Port State Control Authority Xianghua Gan, Kevin X. Li, Haisha Zheng
The Effect of Shipowners' Effort in Vessels Accident: A Bayesian Network Approach Kevin X LI, Jingbo YIN, Z. Yang, J. Wang
Port Spatial Development and Theory of Constraints Wing Yee Tracy Chan, Tsz Leung Yip
Temporal Links between the Freight and Ship Markets in both Dry Bulk and Tanker Sectors Ying Kou, Liming Liu, Yinchun Wu
Determinants of Container Ship Investment Decision and Ship Choice Meifeng Luo , Lixian Fan
Lease Accounting and US Transportation Industry Owen Tang, Brenton Fiedler