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International Forum on Shipping, Ports and Airports (IFSPA) 2008 Conference Proceedings - Sample Papers

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Competitiveness of Indian Dry Ports and the Impacts of Government Policies: The Dualistic Approach of Policy-makers

Koi Yu Adolf Ng, Girish C. Gujar

The Added-Values and Motivations of Embarking on Postgraduate Maritime Studies

Jarrod Ho, Koi Yu Adolf Ng, Anita Koo

Assessing the Natural and Socio-Economic Environments caused by Routine Maritime Activities: a New Perspective and its Applications to North Europe

Su Song, Koi Yu Adolf Ng

Analyze the Risks of Biological Invasion: An agent based simulation model for introducing non-native oysters in Chesapeake Bay, USA

Meifeng Luo, James J. Opaluch

 Dynamic Interrelationships between Sea Freight and Shipbuilding Markets

Jane Jing Xu, Tsz Leung Yip, Liming Liu